Friday, July 24, 2009


OK I'll admit it - I am scared. At this moment a little more scared about blogging than the actual subject but if you had asked me yesterday before I decided to blog about my experiences I would have been more scared about social media. I don't know about you but a month ago I thought social media was for teenagers. Every kid I know has a My Space account and that is what I thought social media was - a place for teenagers to hook up.

Then about a month ago I started thinking about writing something, a book, a pamphlet, a letter - anything I could do to express some of these thoughts I have all the time. I have spent 40+ years absorbing all the information the world would give me and have now decided that it is time for me to share. I am going to give you the fast forward version of how I got to this particular point in time - Write a book? How to publish? OK how to self-publish? How to promote? What the heck is social media? - OK now these 5 steps took me several weeks but I woke up one morning and realized there is a whole world out there I knew nothing about and anyone who knows me knows I can't stand that. I have to know at least something about everything - how else can I form my opinion and I am very full of opinion. LOL

Over the previous months a couple of my friends had joined Facebook and asked me to join but I declined. I told one of them when she asked why I hadn't joined that I didn't want to have to talk to other people on my computer which, of course, was why my yahoo address was always on invisible. Not that I am not social just that I stay pretty busy and I didn't want anyone to be offended if they saw me online and I didn't speak to them. Then I saw an article about twitter and that looked like something I would like. Short and sweet messages from me to the outer world. People would hear what I have to say but I wouldn't have to hold a conversation with anyone. So on June 14, 2009 I opened a twitter account,, and sent my first tweet. It said "Wow! 1st twitter comment - what to say? Inspire - to affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence. I want to be inspirational!". I was hooked but still confused. I started following different people and had people start following me but I wasn't sure how to use it to my advantage.

My search for help took me to a site I had in my favorites but I have to be honest was not visiting on a regular basis I had signed up for a member account (not as an expert yet) and was receiving a few emails and newsletters but had really not paid much attention to them. One of the messages I got from Self Growth said they were going to have a teleseminar about how to use social media - it's amazing - exactly what I was looking for. I will stop here but be sure to come back to read about what I started learning in the class.......